September 19, 2011


To begin with this I'll post this wallpaper of some vintage equipment in my parents house...

1440x900 pixels, but I promise I'll post with bigger sizes. Enjoy!!!

Songs 4 The Week (September 19 - 25)

Hi there Each sunday I'll post a song for each day of the week.
Im posting youtube links because, copyright infringement is something I don't want to mess with.

I hope you like them and please go to iTunes or get a CD from the artist if you liked it.

September 18, 2011

Tips, Tricks and Recommendations for the Headphones enthusiast

This is a transcription of this thread in
Don't sit on them.
Don't let others sit on them.
Don't let pets use them as toys.
Don't spill food or drink on them.
Don't let children use them as toys.
Don't wheel over the cords with your chair.
Don't let the cords get snatched by a branch or obstacle.
This can be solved, mostly, by keeping them on your head at all times.

September 17, 2011

The importance of a Test Song List

Hello everybody!
Im very happy to announce that in less than a week we had +200 visits on the blog. Tnks for visiting and I hope you help me by telling your friends about it.


Ok now, lets begin.
No matter if you have a $20 pair of over-the-ear headphones, a $7 earbuds a $1,200 T1 or a $5,200 SR-009 you always notice that certain songs make your headphones really shine and enjoy the most.
The importance of a good song list is even more important when testing equipment you want to buy.

September 16, 2011

Headphones 201 - Headphones Styles - EARBUDS

As promised we'll go a bit deeper in the styles of headphones. 
Disclaimer: There are some types of HPs to which I'm not particularly fond of, so my experience with them  is not as wide as with other styles, but they share certain characteristics that can be easily compared and for this entry I'll stick to 3 of them: comfort, sound & general applications.

This kind of headphone is extremely popular because they are cheap, small, portable, lightweight and if designed and used correctly almost non-intrusive.

September 15, 2011

Review - AudioTechnica ATH-ANC23

First of all Id like to thank for the IEMs, I was the lucky and happy winner of the weekly giveaway a couple months ago and of course AudioTechnica.

I received them about a couple weeks ago, they arrived nicely packed, so no complains about that.

September 13, 2011

Headphones 102 - Systems

Now that we covered the very basics about the types of headphones, the next step is to know what systems are.

Usually when you get serious about listening music you aim to the best quality possible and you should always remember that: The highest quality you'll achieve is the one of your weakest link in the chain. So if you have a great pair of full size audiofile headphones but you try to use it directly from you mp3 player  for sure they won't sound as they should.  You must build a system for them.

So lets begin by defining what parts are in a system:

Headphones 101

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about headphones?

Lots of people will think about isolation, portable, mp3 or iPod.
Not many will think about soundstage, comfort or detail, but this are just a small amount of qualities to consider when listening through headphones and they are even more important when you plan to buy a pair and they can be a matter of life or death when you acquire a pair of High End headphones that have a price tag higher than USD$1,000.

This qualities depend on what type of headphone you are listening to.

And that will be what we'll talk in this first post:

September 12, 2011

Introducing Mr. Headphones

After a few years I decided to begin with this blog about headphones.
You must know that headphones are not limited only to the earbuds that came with your mp3 player and the headphones you can get in BestBuy, there are a lot of things to think and write about.
I'll try to cover the basics about them and how to get the best sound possible out of your cans.
Even I'm not a pro-reviewer I'll make some of that too. So enjoy the trip!!!

Mr. Heaphones