September 17, 2011

The importance of a Test Song List

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Ok now, lets begin.
No matter if you have a $20 pair of over-the-ear headphones, a $7 earbuds a $1,200 T1 or a $5,200 SR-009 you always notice that certain songs make your headphones really shine and enjoy the most.
The importance of a good song list is even more important when testing equipment you want to buy.

Most of us have a big amount of music in our portable devices or computers, some others have a TON of CDs and the experienced and purist audiophile use vinyl records. But no matter how you keep your music a good selection will let you evaluate the diferences between different equipments.

So its a very good practice to create a Test Song List (TSL). When you evaluate different equipment you want to clearly detect the big and small diferences between them.
The first thing to consider when building a TSL is to select songs you know very well, songs that you've heard many times and know by heart, why? because it will be very simple to detect new or missing things in them; also you'll detect if the gear you're testing adds or reduces certain frequencies.
The next thing is to use songs with the highest quality possible, I wont get very deep in this matter because there are a lot of technical stuff on it, for now, in case of digital music I recommend you to get files at least 320Kbps MP3, FLAC, ALAC or WAV. The biggest disadvantage with them is that they'll take a lot more space in your hard drive or device.
Try to have at least one song from this generes: Classical, Jazz, Rock, Vocal & Electronica, of course you can add whatever genere you like.
Look for songs that have specific characteristics like: fast pace, complex passages, big amount of bass, different vocal tonalities, live performances, songs with high and low levels, etc.
You dont need to have 100 songs in your TSL, in my case I just have 24 songs, below you'll find a screen shot of my TSL.

So take some time and create a TSL, start testing different HPs, amps or players with it and I'm sure you'll notice the diferences.

Mr. Headphones

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